I totally understand why many folks in the suburbs between Baltimore and Washington  have something of an identity crisis when it comes to NFL fandom. This goes especially for fans without longstanding ties to either city.

An elected official in the city of D.C., though, could only actively stump for a Baltimore team if he or she were born elsewhere, or had familial links to Charm City, or had completely overdosed on the “Grape” flavor of Five Hour Energy while encased in a full-body purple camo mummy wrap.

And yet, not one but two (2) D.C. Council members have apparently thus lost their minds in recent days. First came Marion Barry’s bizarrely enthusiastic endorsement of the Ravens on Twitter — before, during and after the Super Bowl. Highlights:

* Whoope there it is! Raven’s Deeeeeefense! #PurplePain

* In-ter-cep-tion. Don’t fight. Don’t hate he playa hate the game!

* I bet those Baltimore fans down in New Orleans are so excited! I’m very happy for them! 109 yard return?! WOW!!!

* I’m ride or die with our beltway neighbors! Go Ravens!

* The fat lady is singing!!!! Game over!!!

* Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens! Job well done!!!

* The Ravens stuck it out and brought home a victory! The beltway is proud of you!

* We’re going to miss you Ray! Thank you for all the wonderful years of exciting football!!

And if that all weren’t enough, fellow Council member Jack Evans offered an homage to the Ravens before a legislative meeting on Tuesday, while another member — Jim Graham — enthusiastically clapped, as seen here.

“This is a great event,” Evans said, before reading ceremonial resolution honoring the Friendship Collegiate Academy’s varsity football team. “And I’m very pleased we could have the team with us today for this ceremonial resolution. I’m gonna read the resolution, because it will explain the exploits of this great football team today, following upon the victory in the Super Bowl on Sunday by the Baltimore Ravens.

“Now, they’re not the Washington Redskins, but they’re pretty close,” Evans continued. “So I want to congratulate the Baltimore Ravens on their excellent victory in the Super Bowl. It’s a team very close to our heart. And hopefully next year it’ll be the Washington Redskins versus the Baltimore Ravens. Wouldn’t that be [something]? And you know, we could have done it. If RGIII would have remained healthy, we would have been there.”

The latter point is arguable. Whether the Ravens are a team very close to D.C.’s heart is, I think, not arguable. They are not.

(Image via @dcuniverse.)