Photos by Alex Brandon/Associated Press. Photos by Alex Brandon/Associated Press.


I don’t know a whole lot about hair upkeep — either of the top-of-the-head or bottom-of-the-face variety. Martell Webster, though, has a luxurious beard thing, and he apparently takes very seriously the responsibility to maintain his ever-expanding chin coverage device.

“You know, it has a mind of its own,” the Wizards’ swingman told ESPN 980. “It’s out of control. All I do is wake up, and I condition it, and I comb it. I pamper it. I pamper it. I let it do its own thing. The key is Moroccan Oil. If I don’t put that in, it’s gonna be a rough night. Moroccan Oil.”

So Brian Mitchell asked Webster if he travels to Morocco to procure this oil.

“No no, I import it,” Webster said. “I import it.”

Scott Jackson told him to avoid deer antler spray as a conditioning device.

“No deer antler,” Webster agreed. “That could test positive, so we won’t do that. We’ll just stick with the Moroccan Oil.”

Webster also answered some serious questions, like one about what John Wall adds to the team.

“When you watch him play, you’d almost think he was put on this earth to play basketball,” Webster said. “He is the ultimate competitor. I mean, this kid, all he does, during his rehabilitation process, he’d be on the AlterG treadmill and he’d just be watching footage of all of last year’s games. The whole season. Watching teams play, calling out teams’ plays. He gives you that extra boost defensively, because when he gets down in the defensive stance and he wants to lock somebody up, he can. And I’ve seen that. And now that he’s back, that competitiveness is almost cancerous on the team.”

Not a word that’s often used as a positive. Finally, here was Webster, on the team’s chemistry during this odd season.

“It starts with our veterans,” Webster said. ” ‘Mek [Okafor], Nene, myself, Trevor, [we] wanted to change the atmosphere in this locker room. To be more serious, if you will. The mental preparation for this game, it can be tedious, it can take a lot of your energy. But that’s what we need in this locker room, and that’s what we’ve been bringing. And that’s why our focus has been on the defensive end, understanding that even if we’re lacking on the offensive end, if we’re not making shots, we can’t allow teams to come back down on the other end and score on us. And that’s been our mentality and our approach to every game.”