Kid reading Caps score in morning paper!
Kid reading Caps score in morning paper!


Earlier this week, I noted that the new Netflix series “House of Cards” has a very modern D.C. sports reference, with a shot of Nationals Park in the opening credits. Now get ready for some old-old-OLD school D.C. sports references in another new series, FX’s “The Americans.”

“What time is it?” one character asks in the very first scene of the very first episode, set in the District in 1981. (Watch it here.)

“Almost 9:15,” he’s told.

“Ah,” the first character says. “The Capitals are in L.A. They start soon.”

“You follow the NHL? I like football,” comes the response.

Then there’s some intense action scene. And some other stuff in an office building. And eventually, we’re back in a single-family home in Northern Virginia the following morning.

“Oh dad, Maruk got two goals and an assist last night versus L.A.,” a child says.

“Did they win?” the dad asks.

“Uh, no, it was a tie,” the kid says, while reading the morning newspaper.


Anyhow, as Reader Eric noted in an e-mail, the Caps did indeed record a 4-4 tie in L.A. in February of 1981, although Dennis Maruk didn’t light things up. Bob Kelly had the first hat trick of his then-11-year career, and Bengt Gustafsson added the other goal for D.C.

“The hat trick doesn’t mean anything,” Kelly said in the next day’s Post. “I’m not being humble. I’m glad to get it, but if we didn’t get that point I wouldn’t care a bit about it. I’d far rather be in the playoffs than get 25 goals or a dozen hat tricks. I don’t have any bonuses for goals or assists.”

He also referred to Maruk as “Pee Wee,” which is fun.

Maruk did score a goal in a tie against the Kings the following season, but that was 1982, and the game was played at the Cap Centre.

Also, Eric correctly pointed out that the kid seemed to say Marek or Merrick more than Maruk, but whatever.

“I’m looking forward to when the characters on the show discuss the big Rod Langway trade in 1982,” he wrote.