Sure, Robert Griffin III and Bryce Harper both helped their long-suffering franchises reach the playoffs in 2012, and both won Rookie of the Year awards, and both tweeted a lot about socks.

But now they’re joined in a different, more important way: they’ve both been featured on Jeopardy. In a two-week span, no less.

RGIII’s moment came this week, though I’m not quite sure what the category was, or why the “answer” was written in the first person plural. Via @Lizzs_Lockeroom and @chrisschmitt.

Harper’s much-discussed moment — which I somehow forgot to mention at the time — came in late January, when he inspired an entire category on the show. Via @brenl87.

See? You’d definitely choose Clown Questions over “Name The Poet,” right? Via @ben_jammin09.

Of course, Griffin and Harper now join other D.C. sports legends like Gilbert Arenas in being so honored. Via the Nexus.

Also, Art Monk.

I’m not sure if Alex Ovechkin ever made it on Jeopardy, but he was an answer on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” way back when.