Get this: On the same night RGIII was an answer/question on “Jeopardy,” John Wall and the Wizards showed up on “Wheel of Fortune.” Watch it here.

“Win VIP tickets to see a Washington Wizards game!” Wall said, introducing the game’s featured jackpot prize.

“Experience the history, culture and beauty of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.,” the voice from the heavens then said, over Wizards highlights. “Be a part of the excitement of the Washington Wizards with a VIP experience at a home game. Plus, a shopping spree at This action-packed adventure: $7,500.”

Then Pat Sajak — a Caps season ticket holder — laughed a long, hearty laugh. No explanation was offered. Maybe he was just in a good mood.

A contestant landed on the Wizards icon, but he later bankrupted and did not win the Wizards prize. Still, viewers were offering lolz. And for the record, there is nothing to lolz about the current Wizards, who have won seven out of eight at home and have a winning record over their past 15 games. But you know how “Wheel of Fortune” viewers can be.

(Via @dcuniverse and @DinoFTW)


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