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When Mike Knuble’s time with the Caps ended, it left his fan group, Knuble’s Knights, without a muse. So the duo decided to get a makeover and become the Brouwer Rangers. Their new namesake thinks it’s “awesome.”

“I’ve had fans before, but no one who is willing to go to those lengths,” Brouwer told me. “It must mean that I’m doing something right. I guess they like the way I play. I’m a lot like Knubes in that aspect, so hopefully it was an easy transition for them.”

Suits of armor to full-body spandex is probably not an easy transition, and in a post on RMNB, the Brouwer Rangers explained that they had to make some adjustments to the stretchy outfits to make them G-rated.

“I heard they had to wear fanny packs before getting the okay,” laughed Brouwer, who acknowledged that his fan club must have some easygoing significant others. “I think it’s funny, but anything to not get in trouble [with the wives], I guess.”

Brouwer loves the idea of his fan club and has had some contact with them, but has yet to meet them in person.

“It’s pretty cool to have someone who’s that big of a fan be so into it and have fun with it,” he said. “I stand in front of them every day and give them the old nod. We tweet back and forth and that’s about it. I’d like to meet them one day.”

Pic when that happens, please.