Most Super Bowl champions probably have a little bit of relaxation on their minds at the moment, but Brendon Ayanbadejo had to switch gears in a different direction. The Ravens linebacker is spending two weeks post-Super Bowl at D.C.’s George Washington University.

“Everyone’s trying to go to Disneyland and have a good time, but actually I have school next week,” Ayanbadejo says in the video above. “I’m halfway through my MBA at George Washington University, so I gotta go to school. At least I’ll go to school a world champion.”

Ayanbadejo is part of GW’s STAR Executive MBA program, a program that allows athletes to attend classes in two-week modules tailored to their schedules.

“With injuries and concussion and all these things happening in the sports world, athletes are starting to realize that our careers are only going to last X-number of years and then we need something more than just ‘football player’ on our résumés,” he told the New York Times last year, speaking about the program.

Former Redskin Rocky McIntosh was also a student in the program, and this video from CNN explains a little more about it.