(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


Former Caps winger and fan favorite Mike Knuble made some innocuous remarks about the Washington fan base Friday on a Philadelphia radio station. Perhaps not groundbreaking stuff, but as I have a habit of transcribing sort of innocuous remarks, here you go.

“What is Philadelphia as a hockey market?” Knuble was asked on WIP. (Via DC Sports Nexus, which has the audio.)

“It’s great,” he replied. “You talked about New York and Boston, I mean, it’s just tradition. Being a Flyers fan, being with the Flyers is passed down from generation to generation. Washington, everybody’s a new fan. Nobody’s from there really, they’re kind of just jumping on the bandwagon.  But the cities like Boston, New York, Philly, Detroit, it’s like my grandfather was watching, my grandfather was a fan, he passed it to his son, then he passes it to HIS son. It’s all the way down.

“So it’s a city I always found, you keep your mouth shut, you work hard, you do what you’re expected to do on the ice and you’ll be okay. And I think the fans respond to that, to the guys that are hardworking guys and try and do things the right way on the ice. It’s a great city. Sports matter here. It’s not just a great hockey city. Sports matter like crazy here, and it’s always fun to be in that environment.”

I mean, this is the conventional wisdom about the D.C. sports fan, even if it’s a bit blunt. Plenty of Caps fans, of course, do go back to the franchise’s beginning, and plenty of Washington sports fans are from here, and have been Washington sports fans for generations. But Knuble wasn’t trying to take a shot, and has been pretty great to Caps fans for years, so I give him a pass.