Photos by TJ Root, via Maryland Athletics.
Photos by TJ Root, via Maryland Athletics.

Since every team at Maryland must have fancy Pride state-flag Under Armour uniforms, the gymnastics team finally got in on the act. Except theirs seem to feature little bejeweled Under Armour logos. (See full photo gallery here.)

“This is your armor,” says the narrator in the fiercest gymnastics uniform preview video the world has ever seen. “It’s built into the jersey on your back. Lighter, but stronger. Faster. It starts with the closest thing to your heart.”

And so on and so forth.

Wearing their pride leotards on Friday, the Terps “dominated EAGL rivals New Hampshire, N.C. State and Towson with strong performances on floor and vault at Comcast Center,” the school’s Web site reported. “Rebounding from a loss at North Carolina, the Terps were missing all-around freshman Kathy Tang, but still went on to score a 195.150.”


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