The Wizards wore Chinese New Year inspired warmups Friday before hosting the Nets. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)


The NBA has embraced Chinese New Year for the second year, using special warmups and celebrations to help usher in the Year of the Snake. Two Wizards players were born in the Year of the Snake, 1989. Among the attributes usually associated with someone born under that animal are “intuitive,” “refined,” “collected,” and “attractive.”

“Yeah, that’s me!” Kevin Seraphin exclaimed when I listed some of those descriptors to him. “They have my picture on there too?”

Seraphin agreed with all of the traits, until we got to “exciting but dark at the same time.”

“You mean like lunatic, like when you got two characters?” he asked. “Sometimes you’re good, and another morning you don’t want to talk to anyone? No, that’s not me. I’m always happy.”

The Wizards big man told me that he does believe there’s some truth to astrological symbols.

“That’s why I have a snake in my house,” he said. “I love snakes. I like them, maybe there’s a connection.”

Chris Singleton shares a birth year with Seraphin, and said that his particular sign, the Earth Snake, is pretty accurate.

“I’m more down to earth than anything. Just relaxed,” he told me. “I’ve never been one of those people to look up horoscopes. Who I am is who I am.”

He told me that he does share a lot of the listed personality traits with Seraphin, though there’s at least one exception.

“I don’t mess with snakes,” he said, after listening to Seraphin describe his pet milk snake. “Cage ‘em up.”

Nene celebrates the Year of the Snake. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)