If you thought one large, blue, ambiguously furry mascot was not enough for this city, Friday night’s Wizards game was the game for you.

One timeout video featured many shots of a forlorn, clearly single G-Wiz, as Carla Thomas’s haunting “Gee Whiz” played in the background.

And thus, G-Wiz, alone in the movie theater, as seen above. And also, G-Wiz, alone at a restaurant.

G-Wiz, alone at a bar, or soda fountain, or in the Acela Club, or something.

G-Wiz, riding solo on a tandem bike.

Then the video cut to G-Wiz being all woe-is-me-and-my-furriness at Verizon Center. At which point another character in some sort of mascot muumuu emerged and charged toward G-Wiz, or maybe seductively approached him with an alluring sway of her massive hips.

This was Gina-Wiz. She may or may not have been an accessorized-to-look-female version of the team’s backup G-Wiz costume. Either way, G-Wiz was smitten.

And off they went, to do what grown-up mascots do, I suppose. This was a Valentine’s Day special offering, so no guarantees about future Gina-Wiz sightings, but at least the blue fella had one night of happiness.