(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)


Craig Stammen was on the radio with Holden and Danny yesterday, and was asked which of his Nats teammates’ weddings was most impressive.

“Ross Detwiler’s was pretty fancy,” the right hander replied. “It was a little different style, but he had it going on. It was pretty cool; I had a good time there.”

Michael Morse will be so disappointed.

“It’s nicer than the ones I’m accustomed to,” he continued. “Coming from the middle-of-nowhere Ohio, we’re used to square dancing and having a buffet.”

Square dancing?

“Where I’m from, it’s like a big tradition,” Stammen said. “That they have some square-dancing music going on, and everybody knows how to do it, too.”

Stammen went on to say that his moves are “a little rusty,” but scored himself an 8 out of 10. And there’s no need to worry about his lady friend.

“Oh yeah,” he said, when pressed on his skills. “I can do-si-do my partner just fine.”

The pitcher learned his promenades and swings like most of us. In gym glass.

“When you’re in, like, fifth grade in grade school, I remember for PE class, one of the days was learn how to square dance,” Stammen explained. “And I remember being so mad because I wanted to play, like, dodgeball or basketball or something, you know? And we had to do square dancing. I guess they were just getting us ready for all the weddings we were going to have to go to in the next 10 years.”

I’m gong to go ahead and add “video of Craig Stammen square dancing” to my Bog to-do list.