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I’m not one to cast too many stones in the live-interview department. After all, when I talk to an athlete for the Bog, I get to edit out the uninteresting stuff. Or I can pretend it didn’t happen when I say something dumb, which occurs as often as you think it does. So when the folks who have to do this stuff on the fly stumble, it usually deserves a pass.

But the interview SI cover model Kate Upton did with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan this afternoon was the most awkward few minutes of radio I’ve ever heard. It started out a little shaky, and went downhill with question two, “What’s your favorite cereal?”

Grape Nuts, in case you were wondering.

There was an awkward pause, Danny made some comment about them having a lot of fiber, Kate giggled uncomfortably, and that was it. The plane hit the mountain.

They asked about penguins, Rene Russo being topless in “The Thomas Crown Affair,” made her ask them questions, did Yoda impressions, and finally asked her why there weren’t more public pictures of her rear end. Awesome.

Enjoy the awkwardness.