(John McDonnell/The Washington Post) (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Mike Wise highlighted some comments from super agent David Falk on the state of the Wizards in today’s print column, posted online yesterday.

“You guys are in dreamland,” Falk began. “Because this team [stinks] so bad you guys want John Wall to be someone he will never be.”

During the conversation, Michael Jordan’s former agent launched a few more grenades in Wall’s direction, and the resulting carnage led to a response from John Wall’s agent and an apology from Falk.

We likely won’t hear from Wall on this, but Wizards Coach Randy Wittman addressed the issue with Kevin Sheehan on The Sports Fix on ESPN 980.

“I don’t react to agents,” Wittman said. “That’s why they are who they are. He’s not at our practice. He don’t even know who John Wall is. As far as I’m concerned, he might be pissed off that John Wall isn’t his client. I don’t respond to knucklehead comments from people like that and I’m not going to.”

Not responding by responding is my favorite “no response” response.

As for Wall, Wittman says he’s not worried.

“This is his third year. He’s 22 years old – just turned 22,” he pointed out. “He missed three and a half months of not being able to do anything from this injury. He comes back. He’s still not where he needs to be from a conditioning standpoint because of this injury. You continually judge John as this season progresses. We’ve got 31 more games. I think we’ve all seen the benefit of having John and [the difference of] not having John. And now as we continue on this track, and then at the end of this season, I think we’ll have a much better idea of where we are as a team with John, and is he gonna be a guy that is gonna be a centerpiece.

“I think sometimes we judge these kids so soon, and then start labeling these guys when they’re 21 or 22 years old,” he continued. “We see it with Bradley Beal. Fair or unfair. You cannot predict at 19 years old where he’s gonna be right now. Do we like what we see in his development? Absolutely. And that’s the same thing with John.”

Audio of the interview is below.