Because the Wizards were losing to the Raptors in a game marred by malfunctioning scoreboards and clocks, some of the focus Tuesday night turned to Jordan Crawford. The onetime sort-of fan favorite has been benched for days, and on Tuesday, fans repeatedly chanted his name, while others studied his posture on the bench.

Via Michael Lee:

During a game in which the Wizards struggled to shoot and score, Crawford never got a chance to contribute and appeared disengaged as he wrapped a towel over his head, tucked it into his shirt and leaned low on the bench as if he was hiding. He yawned, cracked a few jokes, and had his embarrassing DNP-CD highlighted when some fans began chanting his name for almost a minute at the end of the third quarter.

Amused by the cheers, Crawford’s teammates looked on as the third-year shooting guard continued to chill, as if nothing was going on. When asked about Crawford’s body language on the bench, Coach Randy Wittman said, “I’m watching the game. I can’t comment on that.”

Crawford didn’t speak to reporters after game, calmly breezing by, gripping his coat before the locker room was open for post-game interviews.

The in-game commentary, though, was amusing.

“Basically, every part of his body is at a 45-degree angle,” Kyle Weidie wrote.

“Jordan Crawford is cold chillin on the bench,” wrote a fan seated behind the closest basket to the Wizards bench.

“Jordan Crawford has basically slid into the stands, he’s that far down the bench,” someone else wrote.

“Jordan Crawford is so relaxed on the bench he looks like he wants to go to sleep,” observed a fourth.

The images appear to back up such descriptions. And at the end of the game, he threw his unused jersey into the crowd.

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