The release of Robert Griffin III’s “All In For Week 1” Adidas ad on Tuesday prompted a brief hiccup of consternation in D.C.

Both local sports-talk stations did multiple segments wondering if this was an overly ambitious message from a sponsor that might not have RGIII’s long-term interests in mind.

“No One Is Comfortable With Adidas’ New RGIII Commercial,” Jamie Mottram wrote. “Doesn’t this put extra pressure on RGIII to ensure he starts?” Kevin Ewoldt asked. “What if RGIII is 95% healthy in September? Does that mean he’s all in for week 1 or not?”

The response — including dozens of similar questions on Twitter — prompted RGIII to later put out a clarification emphasizing caution and determination.

Still, when his father called into NewsChannel 8 to discuss the ad with SportsTalk’s Alex Parker Tuesday night, he made it clear that the goal for Team Griffin remains Week 1.

“I think that if that was not his goal, his fans, his teammates would be disappointed,” Robert Griffin Jr. said. “The fact that he is focusing on that and that’s important for him, and the organization, that’s what he established for himself that he’s working toward. And then as each month passes by, his objective is to make that goal a reality. And that’s what we’re all supporting him in.”



Parker asked if it was hard to reign in a kid like RGIII, to keep him from overdoing things.

“In his case it’s a matter of having a chartered future in his development, to regain all the agility and strength that he had,” the father said. “And he understands where the pitfalls are, he understands where he’s gonna be able to make gains, so that he can say in his mind, Okay, I accomplished this one and I’m off to the next one. And the chart, the plan that they have set for him is week one.”

The father also suggested that the ad’s message of blowing up past accolades is one not just for his son but for the entire Redskins roster and front office.

“I think that Robert is making a statement regarding how the fans and the organization feel,” he said. “Last year’s season was a good season for them to really get out there and know that they can compete, and they need to forget about that and move forward. I think there’s a goal in mind in that ad, for not just himself but the organization as a whole….He’s doing really well, working hard, on course with the doctor’s orders and the physical trainers, and he looks good too. I can personally say Robert looks really good. I just tell him basically don’t push it, and he clearly understands that. He knows that his career, his team, all objectives that they have on their board that they want to accomplish, he needs to just take the course and be very diligent about what he [does] in preparation.”

And is he ahead of schedule? Well, of course he is.

“We have information based on [his previous] surgery, and based on what we see this time, he’s definitely ahead of where he was previously,” Griffin Jr. said. “But the body still has to heal. The leg, the ligaments, everything’s gonna have to heal. Time is only gonna take care of that. And he has a goal in mind, based on modern science.”

And the goal is reflected in that Adidas spot.