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During the second quarter of last night’s Wizards game at Verizon Center, the word on Twitter was that Raptors broadcaster Matt Devlin was taking some shots at Wale, after he witnessed some chatter between the Raptors’ Rudy Gay and a courtside Wale during the game.

“So, Wale is inspiring, and I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve ever heard of Wale,” Devlin said on the Toronto broadcast. “He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.”


The Drake dis made its way to Wale at the speed of light, and the D.C.-based rapper responded on Twitter.

He also decided during the third quarter to take his objections to the broadcast booth, which was about 20 rows directly behind where he was seated. During the live broadcast, because why not.

“I was just introducing myself, that’s all,” Wale told me of his uninvited visit to the booth. “Nah, I wasn’t angry. I was like, ‘You’re not from here, you don’t know. You don’t know.’”

The tape, and the fans sitting in the suite behind the booth, tell a different story. As you can see from the second video below, Wale didn’t seem too happy. The fans in the suite with front row seats to the incident (who did not want their names on record) told me that Wale was yelling, “I heard what you said. That’s not cool.”

I caught up with Devlin after the game, and he said any “yelling” was a product of the loud arena, and that any beef was Twitter’s fault.

“You know what, we were making fun of ourselves. Making fun, because we’re not hip,” he told me. “Obviously people on Twitter and social media, it kind of took on a life of its own. So he came up, we started talking and there was nothing to it.”

As for any beef between Wale and Gay, Wale insists there isn’t any.

“Oh, he and I have known each other for six years,” he told me. “I was just telling him to hit me up. He was like, ‘Okay, I’ll call you.’”

Gay, who is from Baltimore, backed that up on Twitter after the game.

So there you have it. No one is admitting to any beef, and Wale’s cool with not being Drake.

I didn’t reach out to Drake for comment, because I’ve already written 400 words on this nonsense and I don’t care what Drake has to say anyway.

Here’s the video of the Drake dis (via Beyond the Buzzer)…

And here’s Wale’s visit to the booth.