(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


The Wizards’ recent resurgence may have come too late to salvage their television ratings this season. According to the annual mid-season local TV review posted by SportsBusiness Journal, Wizards broadcasts on Comcast SportsNet are averaging about a 0.9 rating, third from the bottom among the 26 NBA franchises surveyed.

(Data was not available for the Hornets, Kings, Raptors or Grizzlies.)

The 0.9 rating is equal to about 21,200 households in the D.C. market. That rating is almost identical to the Wizards’ final average for the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 season, although it is down 32 percent from this point in the ’10-’11 season, John Wall’s rookie campaign.

For point of reference, that means the Wizards are now attracting a smaller average local audience than the Nats did in their 93-loss 2010 campaign. Also, it took about 49 games before the Wizards amassed as many local households as the Redskins attracted for their regular-season finale against the Cowboys.

(The Caps, meanwhile, are averaging a 1.79 household rating on Comcast SportsNet through 13 games, up 19 percent over last year’s final average. That’s also 10 percent higher than the team’s rating through 13 games last season.)

The Wizards’ local ratings are about the same as the Rockets’, and significantly higher only than the Bobcats of the franchises surveyed. Because of the size of the D.C. market, though, they managed to escape the bottom five in smallest average audience size.