By Matt Slocum/Associated Press. By Matt Slocum/Associated Press.

Last October, you’ll recall, Jimmy Rollins suggested the Nats would not have won the NL East had the Phillies stayed healthy.

This week, Jayson Werth jokingly (?) suggested the Nats would have won 120 games last season had they remained perfectly healthy.

Meanwhile, Rollins has apparently not changed his mind about the NL East pecking order.

“What do you have to do to run down the Nationals?” CSN Philly’s Jim Salisbury asked Rollins.

“Nothing,” Rollins answered. “Nobody’s in first place, no one’s in last place. When the season starts, everybody’s zero and zero. Play some good quality baseball, Jim, we’ll be right where we need to be.”

Well, sure. That’s true. And the Astros don’t have to run down the Reds, either, since both clubs are zero and zero. Heck, as of next September, the Wizards don’t have to run down the Heat.

(UPDATE: Fine, fine, fine, the Astros aren’t in the Central anymore. You know what I meant.)

“Everybody’s in the right mindframe,” Rollins also said. “We’re a complete team. We’re not going out there with role players, so to speak. We’re going out there with everyday players, every game.”

Salisbury also said something about the Phillies being an older team, whose best days are possibly in the past.

“Half of it’s true,” Rollins said. “We’re definitely an older team, especially when you look around our division. Are the better days behind us? I mean, it’s gonna be sunny in Philly when we get there. So looks like some pretty good days ahead of us for me.”