London Fletcher and Alfred Morris spent yesterday morning playing “Financial Football” with military personnel at Walter Reed. The program is a part of Visa and Navy Federal Credit Union’s effort to teach money management to attendees.

The education involved a simulated video football game, where each team got to run virtual plays after answering financial questions. The only problem was that organizers had set up the game to be Cowboys vs. Redskins, which meant that one of the two actual Redskins in attendance would have to play for the enemy.

Fletcher initially put his foot down and resisted, but was assigned to be on the Cowboys team anyway. How did that happen?

“I don’t know, ‘cause I tried to pull rank,” he said. “Since I’m the older guy here, Alfred should have been playing the Cowboys. It’s one of those things where you want to win, but the fact that I was representing the Cowboys, just, I can’t let that get past me. I was still pulling for the Redskins inside.”

Morris said he didn’t have anything to do with the decision to make his veteran teammate play for Dallas.

“I have no idea, but I’m not complaining,” he laughed. “I’m glad I was a Redskin. I don’t wanna be a Cowboy.”

photo (41) London Fletcher reacts to learning he’s playing for the Cowboys.

Once the game started, the two fell into football mode immediately. Morris’s team kept calling running plays, Fletcher was calling for sacks. And when his offense fell short of a first down with 25 seconds left in the first half, Fletcher tried to call a timeout out of instinct.

“That’s just like the Cowboys,” Fletcher said, shaking his head when his team turned over the ball.

In the end, Morris’s team won by a field goal in the final seconds of the game.

“When Alfred kicked that last field goal, I thought the time had run out,” Fletcher said. “I wanted to challenge it, but they wouldn’t let me. I guess that review had to come from the booth.”

There are a few photos of the event here, including one fan who showed up in head-to-toe Packers gear. Better than Cowboys, I suppose.