Look, we all write things we regret. Things that later make us feel embarrassed, and regretful, and maybe a little bit ashamed. Not just late-night texts, either.

Here’s one of mine, off the top of my head:

Worst Impact From a Big-Time Free Agent Acquisition: Pierre Garcon, I guess. Remember how excited fans were after his big first quarter in New Orleans. Season’s really flying along, isn’t it?

I wrote that in late October. By late December, that paragraph was enough to cause instant heartburn every time I remembered it. And in fact, I wrote similar things about Garcon many weeks in a row, right before he helped spark the Redskins’ first division title in more than a decade.

Fortunately, though, I never actually have to make decisions, other than what kind of soup should I have for lunch. (And even that is often agonizing: Lentil is always so tempting, tomato always so reliable.) Ted Leonsis, though, does have to make decisions. And sometimes, those decisions wind up making some of his older blog posts look a tad dated. Like this one, for example, from April 2011

See the players’ confidence building. See players developing right before your eyes. That is what a rebuild is all about. A new big three has announced its arrival – Wall, Crawford and Blatche. Big minutes – big productivity – big results. And wins, too. We are short-handed and so players are getting bigger minutes to show the world what they can do. We have two first round draft picks next off season. We have cap space. We are young. We have upside. We are becoming an exciting team to watch. The sun is shining out today. Admit it. It feels good to be Wizards fans watching the rebuild unfold, yes? I am so grateful to you all and I appreciate all of your positive emails. Thank you.

Well. Andray Blatche now plays for Brooklyn, although the Wizards still owe him money. Jordan Crawford is gone, having been traded to Boston for a set of Colonel Sanders nesting dolls and a dozen chalupas. The two first-round picks that offseason turned into Jan Vesely — who has 7 minutes, 4 fouls, 2 points and 1 rebound in February — and Chris Singleton. Combined, those players average 28.8 minutes, 5.7 rebounds, 6.9 points and 4.6 fouls per game. The rebuild is still unfolding, but the giveaway poster above — from last season — now has more X’ed-out faces than not.

Which is all by way of saying, sometimes you wish the pixels came with a portable Ctrl-Z button.

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