Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

After Wednesday’s event at Walter Reed, attendees got to stick around and get autographs from Alfred Morris and London Fletcher. As usual, there was quite a variety of things that got tagged pictures, footballs, jerseys, and even a few non-Redskins items. But that day also brought a first. A man asked Morris and Fletcher to sign his dog.

SPC Thomas Brendan Kopp, 23, uses a service dog after a car accident left him with physical and neurological damage. Frank, a yellow lab, helps Kopp with balance, retrieves things that get dropped and acts as a social tool. Kopp was working out in the center’s gym nearby when he heard that some Redskins players were doing an event at the Exchange.

“I was mad because I heard they were here and I said, ‘Man, all my Redskins jerseys are at home,’” Kopp told me. “But they can sign my dog.”

Kopp approached Morris and Fletcher, and asked them to sign Frank’s service vest. They took pictures, and Kopp thanked them “for all you do for the ‘Skins.”

The players returned the thank-yous, Kopp walked away smiling and Frank’s vest is now sporting some new ink.

Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post