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The Wizards traded Jordan Crawford to the Celtics Thursday. They didn’t get much in return, but they did clear the locker room of someone who didn’t really want to be there. I suppose there’s value in that.

I asked my Twitter followers Thursday afternoon for some of their favorite Crawford memories. Most of the responses were some variation of “That time he got traded to the Celtics.” Rough crowd.

So he wasn’t exactly a fan favorite on the court, but we at the Bog could usually count on Crawford to help fill this space on slow news days. In no particular order, here is the best of Jordan Crawford. If I missed your favorite, leave it in the comments.

That time he hit a game winner

In January, Crawford hit a shot that Steve Buckhantz immediately labeled the Dagger of the Year. Unfortunately, that performance was not followed by any more Daggers.


That time he took a mid-game Skittles break

Crawford later explained his snack choice.

“I just did it right then because they had them. They don’t have that at a lot of arenas. It was right there, and it’s like, Skittles—who wouldn’t eat some Skittles?”

That time he tried to take Jan Vesely’s free throws

A Crawford classic. This actually happens more often than you think in the NBA. But when he got away with the first shot, Crawford’s face was priceless.


That time he explained his Steez to Dan

I was present for this conversation, and it was one of those moments I regret not getting on video. I hope Boston appreciates his steez.

That time he tried to give Valentine’s Day advice 

“I’m the wrong person to ask about Valentine’s Day,” he told me once. “I usually get rid of my shorties around now.”

I found out later that he fell out of favor with some of the ladies as a result. Sorry, Steez.

That time he offered to protect RGIII


Any time he Instagrammed anything

Like himself in a weird hot tub.

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And his shoes in the fridge.

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Or himself trying to take down a workout dummy.

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