On Friday, Robert Griffin III tweeted the above video of himself doing inchworms. It’s poor quality, but it’s eye candy for those who want to see RGIII doing something. Anything.

Last week, Dr. James Andrews said that Griffin’s rehab is “ahead of schedule,” but Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports chatted with someone in the quarterback’s circle who said that such talk is reckless.

As one person close to Griffin said Friday: “I don’t understand why we’re talking about how close he is to playing or not right now. Let him just get better; there’s a long way to go.”

The feeling from some of those close to Griffin is that both the team – which took great criticism for allowing Griffin to play through injury in the playoffs against Seattle – and others around Griffin will put undue pressure on him to return too quickly and risk reinjuring the knee.

I’m pretty sure that fear isn’t exclusive to those “close to Griffin.”

As for Griffin, he’s still in the business of tweets followed up by clarification tweets.