Since I once covered the important news of John Carlson having long hair, heaven help us all, I suppose I’d best cover his haircut, a story Carlson broke on Twitter Monday night.

“You know what, I had my days when I had a mullet, so I can’t really complain,” Coach Adam Oates told radio voice John Walton, after the defenseman showed up with locks freshly shorn Tuesday morning. “You know, at the end of the day, we are professional. You come to this facility and there’s kids watching you every day, so it’s nice to have a little bit cleaner – a LITTLE bit cleaner — look.”

And this message seems to have quickly spread throughout the dressing room. As seen here.


Also, Carlson’s haircut helpfully came on the very day that Monumental Network published a video with his still-stringy-ish hair pasted on the top of the cartoon body of Larry the Verizon Center security guy. Somebody call re-write.


Just waiting for all D.C. sports teams to embrace this Oates concept of hirsute professionalism. Willing to wait as long as it takes. Might take a while.

(John McDonnell/Washington Post)