(Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post)


Alexander Semin is in town to play the Caps Tuesday at Verizon Center, and the revelation that he and Alex Ovechkin speak once a week and had dinner plans Monday raised some eyebrows. The two Russians played together for six years and have a home country in common, so it makes sense, but Semin clearly didn’t leave Washington on the best of terms.

Troy Brouwer, who wasn’t shy about those terms, had some sharp words to say about his former teammate.

“Some nights you didn’t even know if he was gonna come to the rink,” Brouwer said Monday. “It’s tough to play alongside guys like those because you don’t know what you’re gonna get out of ‘em.”

I’m going to assume that Brouwer didn’t join the Alexes for dinner.

Brooks Laich was on with the Junkies on 106.7 on Tuesday morning, and was asked about his teammate and former teammate/current opponent breaking bread.

“No, I don’t get too upset about that,” he said. “We’ve all done it. The reason I don’t get upset about it is that I don’t question Ovi’s drive when he gets on the ice. I mean, he’s gonna compete as hard as he can to win the hockey game. We’ve all got friends. Everyone’s been in the league a long time and got good friends around the league.

“You can be friends off the ice but competitors on the ice,” he continued. “I promise you this, when that game starts, him and Alex aren’t gonna be buddies. Maybe they say ‘hi’ after or something, but they’re gonna compete and try to win the hockey game for their respective clubs.”

Laich spent some of the NHL lockout playing in Switzerland, and revealed that a side trip during his stay in Europe led to some interesting activities.

“During the lockout I had a chance to visit Spain,” Laich said. “Went to Madrid, tried my hand at some Salsa dancing. I hit YouTube for like a two-minute video, just a little instruction, a little primer before we went out. I mean, the girls there can dance. It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Laich was so impressed that he was inspired into romance.

“I proposed to one, but she didn’t speak any English. She didn’t understand.”