Lamont Peterson’s win over Kendall Holt on Friday night brought a few minor D.C. sports celebrities — like Vincent Gray and my buddy LaVar Arrington — to the Armory for an ESPN broadcast.

But neither of them had the honor bestowed on Joshua Morgan. The Redskins wide receiver was apparently in charge of hoisting one of Peterson’s belts, both before and after the fight.

And hoist he did. See above left. This one below was before the fight, during introductions.


This was all a nice counter-point to Holt, who had Plaxico Burress in his corner. Boxing is so weird.


Morgan was shown repeatedly during the pre- and post-fight portions of the broadcast; here he is while the victorious Peterson is being interviewed.


Somehow, the professional wire photographers didn’t think to focus on Morgan and his belt after the fight. That’s what I’d have done. Still, you can see half of his head below, in a photo by Jim Watson of AFP.