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Mike Milbury crushes Alex Ovechkin’s ‘disgusting’ effort

Mike Milbury rants about Alex Ovechkin are sort of like D.C. winter weather warnings: predictable, sure to cause eye-rolling among natives, and usually a waste of time, but still a remarkable spectacle. Plus, they’re a guaranteed path toward page views.

Milbury’s history of screaming about Ovechkin likely means most Caps fans will pay his latest screed no mind, but this one from the second intermission on Wednesday night was particularly spirited, even for Milbury.

“I bird-dogged this guy during the course of this game,” Milbury began. “When you have great talent, it comes with great expectations and accountability. If you put him up to those two standards tonight, he fails the test miserably. This is an AWFUL display of hockey by Alex Ovechkin. He should be ashamed of himself. A blind pass? Eight-year olds don’t do this in the offensive zone.

NO fight in this guy along the wall here,” he said over highlights. “I know they played three in four nights, but THAT’S not an excuse. And when you’re a big star like this, you don’t have to act like a baby. This is ridiculous embellishment. He should be embarrassed by this, and so should his teammates. That is silly. Get up and act like a man, for God’s sake.

“And this one? Move your butt along the wall. You’re just standing there. I’ve seen this for three years. You’d think somebody would figure this out and tell him that he’s got to move. And look at the effort on the backcheck there. Are you kidding me? This is a guy that makes a ton of money — he owes it to his owner, he owes it to his coach. And watch him line change on the goal. That is inexcusable behavior, inacceptable (sic) for a coach, especially a rookie coach like Adam Oates. That guy ought to be held accountable….

“And after he got hit in the head, how many minutes did he play on that power play? All two minutes. All two minutes. Disgusting….God almighty, that’s just so disheartening to see a player with that kind of talent fall that short in terms of effort.”

Pretty sure Milbury didn’t like Ovechkin’s play. Might require a second viewing to make sure, though.

(Via @trechenbach and Puck Daddy)