Steve Buckhantz is a great broadcaster. His “Dagger!” call is a terrific signature, one of the best symbols of joy in D.C. sports. And watching Trevor Ariza’s last-second potential game-winner on television Wednesday night, I thought for sure — like Buckhantz did — that the Wizards had just recorded a miracle comeback win. So did thousands of fans in Verizon Center, and thousands more watching on television.


But then things got weird, because as Buckhantz was belting out his call, the Pistons were celebrating, and the Wizards were looking glum, and the Dagger was eventually retracted. The ball swished into the side of the net, not through the bottom of the net.

“They’re saying it did not go!” Buckhantz said, as Chenier chuckled sadly. “We saw what appeared to be the ball go through the net, but evidently it came up short.”

“I was wondering why we didn’t see more reaction from the Wizards’ players,” Chenier pointed out.

“So the Dagger has been retracted,” Buckhantz said.

“First time ever, I believe,” Chenier added.

Recall, Buckhantz and Phil Chenier were moved well off the floor this season, and now watch the games from a more distant vantage point.

Here is a recreation of the Wizards fan’s reaction to that bit of misery.

(Video via @mSehmi411)