The folks at Maryland sent along the above video of Terps junior guard Sequoia Austin playing the pep band’s drum set. Austin, who grew up in Greenbelt, started playing saxophone when she was in elementary school before switching to percussion. Luckily, she had good parents who didn’t mind the extra noise.

She told me that she stuck with both music and basketball for as long as she could, before she had to choose one path to take.

“There’s definitely that moment where you have to choose, and obviously I chose basketball,” she said. “But there are a lot of opportunities that don’t take up much time for kids who want to do both, like community bands or groups that meet outside of school. For me, being a musician helped with learning, and kept my brain active in a way that sports don’t always do.”

As for her musical aspirations, Austin said her dream gig might surprise most people.

“It might sound cheesy, but I’d love to play with the pep band. I always said that if I didn’t  have an opportunity to make the basketball team here, then I definitely would have pursued music. I would have been in the gym, either way.”