Steve Buckhantz has already landed on national sports blogs for screaming “Dagger!” Wednesday night, when Trevor Ariza’s last-second game-winning heave appeared to be good but was actually far short.

Just in case anyone wants to criticize him, check out the Fox Sports Detroit broadcast. Sitting from a similarly poor perch well off the floor, the broadcast team of George Blaha and Greg Kelser also thought the Pistons lost the game on Ariza’s shot. And it took them about the same amount of time to figure out what actually happened.


Of course, this is a far less dramatic highlight, because Blaha reacted glumly to a potentially horrific loss, while Buckhantz screamed his signature victory call. Still, the point remains: this was more about a crazy illusion from seats well off the floor than anything else.

“They go to the corner for Ariza, and the shot goes,” Blaha said. “But it’s late? The shot goes, but it’s late. Barely. Or….All right, we’re up in the rafters here….”

“It looked like it went in, but I think it just got net and net only,” Kelser said, much later.

“It was away in time, but it’s short,” Blaha finally said, as a replay confirmed what happened.

It took 10 seconds for them to suggest the Pistons may not have won, 30 seconds to suggest the shot may have been short, and 40 seconds before confirming.

Buckhantz and partner Phil Chenier, meanwhile, had the Wizards definitively not winning after 18 seconds, the shot being short after 33 seconds, and the visual confirmation after 40 seconds.

The only real difference here was the excitement level.