John McDonnell/The Washington Post


With the influx of personality and talent on the Nats roster, it’s been a while since Ryan Zimmerman was universally referred to as the “face of the franchise.” But there was a time when, almost by default, he was handed that crown.

“I was appointed that at a young age, before I had ever done anything, which I think was ridiculous,” Zimmerman said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. “But I was born close to D.C., I went to University of Virginia, I obviously got drafted by them as their first draft pick. I guess I’ve grown into it, but it’s exciting for me to have more ‘faces of the franchise’ now, ‘cause it means I’m not the only decent player on the team.”

We’ve already discussed in this space that the term “face of the franchise” should be locked away in a closet somewhere. Robert Griffin III perhaps put it best last year.

“I mean, there’s really no true face of the franchise, because if we all just had faces, we’d all be dead,” Griffin said at the time.


Back to Zimmerman: Despite not wanting the “face of the franchise” title, he plans to stick around D.C. for a while.

“Deep down, will I always feel a deep connection to this organization? Of course,” he said. “I mean, they gave me a chance when I was young, they brought me up as a 20-year old. They kinda went out on a limb for me, so I’ll obviously be indebted to this organization, and the city obviously kind of accepted me for what I am and I think there’s a good relationship with everyone. I couldn’t be happier to be here for a long time.”

Here’s the full interview: