By Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post. By Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post.

London Fletcher’s future with the Redskins would seem to be one of the largest questions looming over the franchise as the draft and free agency approach. And if you listen to Coach Mike Shanahan, you might be able to guess which way things are trending.

“What does your gut tell you about London Fletcher?” Larry Michael recently asked Shanahan on Redskins Nation. “He talks of needing some time. And of course he’s earned that, as hard as he’s played over the years. And his longevity as a football player is without equal. But what do you think? Is he coming back?”

“I really don’t know,” Shanahan replied. “One thing you have to do is, you’ve got to have a mindset that there’s no way you’re going to retire. Because if you’re thinking about retirement, you’re not really sure – at least when I look at my previous years, and you look back at guys – if you’re thinking about retiring, you’re probably already retired.

“London’s the type of guy that you don’t even want to ask him a question,” Shanahan said. “Because his mindset, he’s a warrior, how hard he’s played and what he’s done for this organization.  But all those those things, you’ve got to have a game plan for if he does come back, if he doesn’t come back. You’re taking a look at your financial responsibilities, if you do have the hit that we may take. You just don’t know. So we’ve got a game plan for all scenarios, but you always hope that your great players keep on playing at a high level.”

Did not seem particularly optimistic to my hears. Fletcher himself was recently asked about his future during one of his well-received appearances on the NFL Network.

“I’m still evaluating,” he said. “You know, it’s really now about seeing if I could get myself physically ready to play at the level that I would like to play. Some guys you hear about playing til the wheels fall off. I have zero desire to do that. I want to play to the level that I’m used to playing, the status that I’m using to playing at. So I’m still getting myself physically back ready. I’ll start training in a couple weeks, and then go from there and see can I do it to the level that I want to do it at.”

Fletcher did add that he doesn’t have an exact timeframe, and that the Redskins are “not putting me under pressure to make a decision or anything like that.”