My buddy Neil Greenberg has hijacked Monday’s Caps discussion on the Internet by suggesting again that the team needs to consider dealing Mike Ribeiro before the trade deadline.

On the one hand, Ribeiro has been the team’s most pleasant player to watch this season, the second-line center they’ve needed since I was in short pants, a deft and deadly distributor who makes you scoot forward a little bit when the puck’s on his stick. On the other hand, he’s 33, a pending unrestricted free agent, and likely seeking a raise over his current $5 million salary.

“In a year that has a deep entry draft, Washington….would be better served turning Ribeiro into futures that can help down the line,” Neil wrote.

That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the words that follow, but darned if Ribeiro doesn’t drive a Bentley with custom fleur-de-lis rims. I don’t think it cost $5 million, but I do think it is probably valued somewhere north of my ’03 Accord.


“I grew up in Montreal and always had trucks because of the snow and the winter,” Ribeiro told the team’s TV-on-the-Internet show thing. “So once I moved to Dallas and I had a chance to get a car, I guess I tried to get the best one: the Bentley. I’ve been driving that for five years now. I’m looking for a new one soon. My rims [have] a fleur-de-lis on it, because back home our state flag is four fleurs-de-lis. So I decided to put that on my rims, but that’s about it. Other than that, it’s just a normal car, I guess.”


Indeed. Other than that. And the fact that it’s a Bentley. Also, if he’s looking for a new one soon, maybe the hometown discount should not be expected.

(Note: I don’t believe you can actually predict the contours of contract negotiations via statements about car preferences on team-produced TV-on-the-Internet programming.)


Ribeiro further said that he attempts not to drive the Bentley, or any other car, on the Beltway.

“I try to not adventure too much and get lost, so I always take the same roads, and try to stay away from 495,” he said. “So usually I’m trying not to jump on that 495; I stay around it or I take the short routes. Being here for a few months now, I’m comfortable with driving around and the weather and everything else.”

Also: generic quote about fan support is generically endearing.

“To come here and see the fans wear the jerseys every game, I think that’s great,” he said. “It’s amazing. To have everyone in red, just to play in that atmosphere, just to jump on the ice and see the jerseys, like, you don’t need more than that. I like during the anthem though, they scream the Red! one.”