Just a delicious taste of what a sports blogging panel looks like. (Photo by Cathy Taylor, via.)
Just a delicious taste of what a sports blogging panel looks like. (Photo by Cathy Taylor, via.)


Summary: I’m leading a free online sportswriting workshop with exciting guests Saturday in College Park, featuring free pizza. RSVP here.

The University of Maryland has put a lot of effort into its Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism, hiring big-name folks like my former boss, George Solomon, and all-platform superstar Kevin Blackistone. And several professors there have reached out to online sports folks about guest speaking, including USA Today’s Chris Chase and Kissing Suzy Kolber’s Mike Tunison, among others.

Also sometimes me, although all I do is make jokes about taking pictures of my television while waxing existential about the meaning of life and sports mustaches.

Anyhow, the last time George asked me to speak to his class, I was unavailable. But then I went on an e-mailed rant about how writing about sports on the Internet shouldn’t just be one “look, a blogger!!!!” session of a class; it is the class. I mean, I might be a self-deprecating malcontent with the highest percentage of “Slow News Day?” comments on this site, but I’ve reached a point where I can post multiple entries linking Bryce Harper, Mickey Mouse and world literature in one week, and no one tells me to clean out my desk.

Point is, I feel like my peers and I have something to offer today’s sports journalism students. Maybe it’s not exactly traditional knowledge, but it might help them get actual jobs. So George considered my rant, and decided that instead of paying me to teach a full course, he would let me volunteer my time on a Saturday in March. And also that I’d be in charge of filling a panel and recruiting an audience and probably preparing a full transcript of the event.

So here’s the deal. We’re doing a “Sportswriting on the Internet” workshop Saturday March 9, from 11-3. Yes, that overlaps with the Georgetown-Syracuse game. Ack. Sorry.

The guests include Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski, Japers’ Rink’s Jon Press, SB Nation’s Ryan Hudson, USA Today’s Chase, and possibly others. There is no charge, plus free pizza. I will be in charge, and will try to lead a discussion on how to get into the field, how to find your niche, how writing for the Web is different from writing for print, where sportswriting is going, and how best to take photos of your television. It’s open to anyone. You could easily stay for the opening panel, and then leave. RSVP here.

We need to get a big crowd, so George will be convinced to make me a full-fledged instructor, and I can one day scream at college kids about the meaning of life and slow news days and beard reportage. RSVP here.

Plus, we’re going to Bentley’s after. RSVP here.