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Earlier this week, Brooks Laich tweeted a photo of himself playing guitar in his basement to Ryan Kerrigan. Laich chatted with with the Junkies on 106.7 on Tuesday and explained why.

“Right now I’m a one-man band, but I’m trying to recruit Ryan Kerrigan from the Skins,” he said. “I had some, some pops, I’ll say, with Ryan and his girlfriend about two weeks ago. He said he had just got a guitar and he was trying to learn. And he plays acoustic and I play electric, but hey. The easiest way to learn is to play with somebody who already knows. So I sent out a tweet to Ryan and I texted him. I’d like to have him over to help him learn.”

Laich said that his one experience on stage was more thrilling than any of his hockey games.

“I did it in town in Arlington here at Sushi Rock with a guy named Paul Bonsiero, and it was, honestly it was in front of 80 or 100 people at the restaurant,” he explained. “I’d never played in front of two people before but, honestly guys, it was one of the greatest thrills of my life. It might sound weird, but it was totally different than playing in front of 18,000 people, like playing a hockey game. It was an entirely different thrill.”

As far as any “rockstar” ambitions, Laich says his life now is pretty rockstar.

“I think it’s kind of comparable to being an athlete,” he said. “I mean, you’re on the stage, you play in front of 18,000 or 20,000 fans, or whatever it is. The only difference, and sometimes I’ve wondered this: Do rockstars ever have bad nights? In hockey, sometimes you have bad nights because you get hit. You get hit all the time. Rockstars, you don’t get hit, so if you have a bad night, it’s basically on yourself.”

How much would you pay to see Justin Bieber get leveled by a hockey player mid-concert? A lot? Let’s go with a lot.

“But I always feel like people leave a concert saying, ‘Oh, that was the best concert I’ve ever seen. That was the best concert I’ve ever seen’” Laich continured. “I’m hoping that people leave the hockey game saying that, but I just don’t think they do.”

That’s actually kind of sad. Next time you see Laich after a win, tell him that was the best hockey game you’ve ever been to.