(Rob Carr/Getty)


You might recall that Joel Ward’s game-winning goal against the Bruins last spring made John Walton a little bit excited.

The team’s radio voice didn’t get quite as exercised Tuesday night, when Eric Fehr scored a marvelous sliding overtime goal to cap a comeback from three goals down. But he still was using his outside voice, even though he was inside. You should listen to it, below.

As for Fehr, “I kind of blacked out for a bit there but saw the puck on my stick close to the net, saw [Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask] was leaning my way and just tried to chip it over,” he told reporters.

He also went into great detail on the sequence with CSN’s Jill Sorenson.

“When we got on the ice, Nicky told me if he got the puck just to go through the middle with speed and he was gonna find me,” Fehr said. “So he gave it to me, and they were right up against me so I kind of chipped it behind them. And I just tried to chase the puck down and put it over the goalie’s shoulder. We were kind of at the end of the shift. I was thinking about changing, and I saw he got possession of it, so I figured I’d give it one last try. We had tried to regroup a few times and it didn’t work, but I listened to him, and he made a nice pass, and it all worked out.”

Also, good morning, good afternoon and good night, etc.