If you thought the dawn of the 2013 baseball season meant the end of Stephen Strasburg Shutdown jokes, you also likely believe we will never again hear about a politician weighing in on the Redskins name, or about pending massive D.C. snow storms. Certain topics never go away.

So it was that D.C.’s own Lindsay Czarniak was interrupted by Mark Schlereth before she could finish her SportsCenter lead-in about the Nats Tuesday evening. She was on a word count, you see.

“I feel fine,” she insisted. “I feel good.”

“I’m telling you, it’s time,” Schlereth said.

According to ESPN, producer David Rose urged the 6 p.m. SportsCenter crew to do something creative with the Strasburg story, leading to these 30 seconds. Schlereth was free to interrupt the host at his volition, leaving Czarniak to improvise until she got the hook.

As for Strasburg, Davey Johnson happened to be talking about the pitcher with ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian.

“Well everybody expects a lot [of Strasburg], but nobody expects more than he of himself,” the manager said. “He’s just a great competitor, he’s got great stuff, and he probably worked harder than anybody over the offseason. But I think there’s about 24 other guys that feel the same way. The makeup on this ballclub is off the charts. Best makeup that I’ve ever had. Might be the best athletes that I’ve ever had, too, Tim.”