The Maryland flag is currently enjoying what feels like an unprecedented renaissance in College Park, thanks to its relentless inclusion in every Under Armour-produced “Pride” uniform for every sporting outfit. Won’t be long until the entire campus is painted in state flag patterns, with holograms of the state flag floating in the skies and state-flag-colored beers running in the streets.

The latest and greatest use of that emblem came Wednesday night, during the disappointing home loss to North Carolina. While the loss may have been fatal to Maryland’s NCAA tournament hopes, the flag stunt ensures that the oddly colored image will continue to make prominent appearances at College Park sporting events.

Next up: Old Bay-scented smoke bombs after soccer goals.

(Via @umterps, @jamesdoody, @alex_prewitt, @amandafallerrr@recordsANDradio, @GoVT83, @RoughHowsing, @danieljtgallen.)