I suppose it’s possible that too much could be made of two random pitches during an early March spring training game between the Nats and Phillies.

Well, actually, no, you couldn’t make too much of it, because it’s awesome, and it makes Nats fans sit on their non-snow covered back porches and imagine with beating hearts the real, actual games against Philadelphia this spring, plus the real, actual standings last fall.

Anyhow, even though The Post has already devoted like 16 headlines to two pitches in Florida — only one of which struck flesh — here’s another headline. Above is a lengthy video about Wednesday’s Nats-Phillies game, queued up to the most important part, when pitches started floating inside.

In case you prefer horrible screencaps with little crooked lines pointing to the ball, here are the two pitches in question. And let us hasten the day when I can use bootlegged videos of live spring training games from D.C. outlets, and not just Philly outlets.


Also, here is a video just of Strasburg hitting Utley. Here are Halladay’s full post-game remarks. And while most media reports mentioned how Halladay was “smiling” after saying his errant pitch had slipped out of his hand, truth be told, it was a pretty subtle smile. I guess the guy deals in subtleties.