Within seconds of Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast of a shirtless Bill Hamid screaming “You can’t hold us back!!!” during the MLS playoffs last November, that expression became a catchphrase for D.C. United fans.

And of course, when D.C. United fans have catchphrases, they don’t just scribble them on poster board and call it a day. No, they do stuff like this.

Four months later, a new season has arrived, and the phrase has jumped from Hamid’s mouth to the RFK stands to a scarf.

“During the off-season the busy little SE elves were plotting a surprise for Bill — a scarf that commemorates what is now the zeitgeist of the club and allows fans to adorn themselves with it,” according to a message from the Screaming Eagles.

The scarves cost $20 — details here — with the proceeds benefiting United for D.C., the team’s charitable arm. The group presented Hamid with a scarf during this week’s kickoff luncheon at the Hamilton. He seemed to like it.