To help promote Saturday’s home opener at RFK Stadium, D.C. United arranged a whole bunch of local media appearances for its players and coach. One was a morning TV gimmick, in which Chris Pontius would deliver the weather on the Fox 5 morning show, in place of regular meteorologist Tucker Barnes. “So you think you can do the weather,” they were calling it.

Of course, as it turned out, this was one of the worst weeks for D.C. weathermen in recent memory. And after being part of the massive backlash against meteorologists, Barnes was perfectly happy to hand things off to Pontius, who was suffering from some big-stage jitters.

“A little bit nervous,” Pontius said early in the segment.

“You should be a little bit nervous, because after this week, I might just let you do it permanently,” Barnes said. “Let me warn you, things didn’t go so well for me this week, so you might, if if you do a good job, take over the reins here.”

Much of the forecast was uneventful, until Pontius turned his forecasting eye further north.

“New York is still getting hit with snow,” he said, “and I like that, because that means the Red Bulls are being hit with some snow right now.”


The seven-day outlook got a little rocky, due to positioning issues.

“Hey hey you’re in the way of Friday there,” Barnes called from off-camera.

“Oh, I’m in the way of Friday here,” Pontius said, countering by stepping out of the frame entirely.


“Now we can’t see you,” Barnes noted helpfully.

“Just turn around, turn around,” called a female voice from off-camera.

“Apparently you aren’t supposed to block Friday when giving the forecast,” Pontius later wrote on Twitter. “Who would’ve thought. And if you couldn’t tell, yes I was sweating.”

Still, it was a mostly good showing. And this won’t be the worst weather forecast of the week, that’s for sure.