Whatever you thought about the massive Maryland flag unveiled in the Terps student section Wednesday night, you’ll have to acknowledge that

1) It was huge, and

2) Students likely couldn’t have pulled that off on their own. As with the Duke game earlier in the season, students were let in early, and a central nervous system helped coordinate that flag unveiling, and other group displays.

The Georgetown fan group GU Stonewalls has a more organic project planned for Saturday’s Syracuse game, the last Big East meeting between the longtime conference rivals. From the group’s Web site:

The Stonewalls – a supporter club for Georgetown men’s basketball – will mark the occasion by unveiling a new tifo (large homemade banner) during player introductions in section 118. At 52’x 25’ the massive size of the banner will make it the largest known homemade tifo ever displayed at a college basketball game.

No, I have no idea how to fact check that claim. In any case, the banner will feature both a sad Otto the Orange, pictured here, and a presumably happy Jack the Bulldog. The Stonewalls “will also be debuting 15 total flags and a number of handmade two-pole signs, featuring a variety of messages celebrating the team’s season and the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry.”

And if you think hoisting a 52-foot banner prominently featuring a frowning, or possibly grimacing, orange Orange is not a great way to get on TV, you attended a different set of supporters-club training courses than I did.