via @KirkCousins8

It’s easy to get overlooked when you’re backing up the glittery Robert Griffin III, but Kirk Cousins can reasonably expect to have his name spelled right when he does an in-store signing. The photo above comes via Cousins’s Twitter feed, and was taken during his appearance in February at Legends Sports & Games in Grand Rapids.

Kirk Tweeted took it in stride, tweeting this from the event.

Cousins has also taken steps to move on from his traumatic haircut in December.

UPDATE: The owner of the store in question sent along this note after seeing the attention the “Kurt Cousins” sign was getting:

“One of my employees was rushing a little too fast and made the error on the name. When we got the picture back, we immediately saw the error. Another employee thought it was funny and put it up on a wall in our back room where only employees have access. Kirk came to our event and thought it was funny and asked for it.”

He also sent along this picture of the signage that actually appeared at the event.