Because we evidently live in Colonial Williamsburg, and/or Center City Philadelphia, the ESPN College GameDay crew toured the town’s tourist sites on Friday while dressed like the Founding Fathers.

Yes, that’s right, this is Benjamin Franklin (Jalen Rose), John Adams (Rece Davis), Thomas Jefferson (Jay Bilas) and Digger Phelps (John Adams).

Nevermind that Franklin actually died several months before Washington D.C. was even founded. He probably hung out in Georgetown a lot. Or maybe Syracuse.

As you know, the GameDay crew likes to dress up in ridiculous costumes that best signify their weekly location. Business suits — which best signify Washington, D.C. — would hardly make for a unique studio-show photo-op. Plus, we do have a restaurant called Founding Farmers Fathers in town.

Still, I say it would have been better for the crew to pay homage to the current exhibit at the Corcoran and dress up like the members of Bad Brains.

(All images via @MsPotts_ESPN. Captioning via @JalenRose.)