It was a great, great week for posting images of fans at D.C. sporting events.


1) The massive Maryland state flag at the UNC game.

2) The massive D.C. flag at the D.C. United home opener.

3) The Georgetown-Syracuse game.

Now, I missed an awful lot of Georgetown fans acting wacky on Saturday, including the Barney costume, an iso of the giant Bill Clinton head, and some sort of tribute to Linda Blair. Nevertheless, here are some highlights, starting with the huge “Our Hatred Is Eternal” banner from the Stonewalls, as promised. Above is the best image I’ve seen, via @GUStonewalls.

Here’s another look, via @RobDauster.


Now moving on to the costumes. There were Teletubbies, obviously. Don’t look too close at this photo, please. Via @AdamMcGinnis.


Later, the Teletubbies rushed the floor, ‘cuz that’s what Teletubbies do. This photo’s by The Post’s Jonathan Newton.


Also, there were many Superhero types in attendance. This photo is by Mitchell Layton, courtesy Georgetown Athletics. I have no interest whatsoever in learning any details about the discoloration on Robin’s tights.


Oh, and someone brought a juicer. A juicer containing an orange. Get it? Via @emilymitzner.


Sometimes you have to study the photos to get a good read on all the text. Like these, containing “Boeheim Needs Rogaine” and “Please Don’t Steal My Bath Robe.” Also, there’s an upside down Bill Clinton head in there. This is a Jonathan Newton photo, too.


More signs. This one is from @NicoleAuerbach.


And this one is from @GeorgetownInsta.

Still accepting photos of Barney and/or Linda Blair tributes.