Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have mostly remained quiet about the massive salary cap penalties levied by the NFL against their franchise, often hinting that they could talk more at a later date. From one of our recent stories, for example:

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan declined an interview request last week, and earlier this month Allen declined to go into specifics on the team’s plans regarding their salary cap situation. “There’s plenty of things we can do, but now is not the time,” Allen told reporters at the groundbreaking ceremony for the team’s new training camp site in Richmond.

I’m not always a regular offseason viewer of Redskins Nation — the team-produced 30-minute show airing on Comcast SportsNet — but apparently host Larry Michael has not remained quiet. Indeed, the Voice of the Redskins had strong words for the NFL during Friday’s episode. This came after Michael read a question from a fan, who said the salary cap penalties were mind-boggling.

“It boggles my mind, too,” Michael said. “Just think of it: you’ve got the Redskins, and the uncapped year — the so-called uncapped year — they deliver these contracts to the National Football League. The National Football League approves the contracts. And now, a year later, last year, on the eve of free agency, what happens? The Redskins are slapped with a $36 million dollar salary cap penalty? For what? Breaking no rules? The NFL says the Redskins didn’t break any rules.

“So it does boggle your mind. It makes NO sense. There is no logic behind this at all, and the Redskins are forced to pay. You know what happens to that money? It gets distributed to all the other football teams. Talk about a competitive disadvantage. The Redskins have been put in a competitive disadvantage, and the NFL says they broke no rules. I mean, you want to see me get fired up, you talk about this. It’s ridiculous.”

Michael, you’ll recall, is a senior vice president of the team. You don’t often get senior VPs of NFL teams saying the league’s decisions are ridiculous and mind-boggling.