A couple weeks back, I wrote a lengthy story and follow-up blog post on the Nationals’ new “Ultimate Ballpark Access” cards, which will be introduced this season. The cards combine ticketing, loyalty rewards, concession and retail purchases and other systems in one piece of plastic; the team believes they are the future of U.S. pro sports.

Both of the above links included a healthy dose of questions in the comment section, which I attempted to answer. But I don’t technically work for or speak for the team, so it seemed to make more sense to have a team representative on hand to answer some of the many questions.

Thus, The Post is hosting Nats COO Andy Feffer — one of the driving forces behind the introduction of these cards — for a live Q&A Tuesday at 2. Submit all your questions here. I will also be on hand as a moderator, and will possibly pop in to comment on a question here or there.

The most frequent and unanswerable (for me) questions concerned how season-ticket holders will manage some of the Byzantine group accounts they’ve created; I’d expect many questions about that, and other topics.