Not currently a National. But still a bobblehead. Not currently a National. But still a bobblehead.

Now that the Nats have a world-class Major League roster, filled with marketable young stars and homegrown talent and borderline disgusting beards, the team’s minor-league affiliates are poised to cash in.

See, a AA affiliate would hardly have cause to offer a pillowcase featuring, say, Cristian Guzman, who did his growing-up in the Twins organization, and who no one much liked ’round here. But Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg? Yeah, those will work just fine.

Which is why I’ve cobbled together this schedule of promotions at the Nats’ minor-league affiliates featuring big-league stars. The Nats themselves have not yet announced who will be honored on their three bobblehead nights. I’ve let it be known that if anyone else gets this information first, I will picket the media gate, holding detonated hot dogs and wearing my Natinals jersey.

Strasburg and Harper lead the way with a combined four promotions between Hagerstown, Potomac and Harrisburg. Syracuse has not yet announced any Nats-themed giveaways.

April 4: Harrisburg Senators, Jordan Zimmermann bobblehead.

June 1: Harrisburg Senators, Stephen Strasburg jersey.

June 5: Hagerstown Suns, Bryce Harper thermal lunch tote.

June 11: Harrisburg Senators, Bryce Harper mini bobblehead.

June 22: Harrisburg Senators, Ian Desmond photo t-shirt.

June 23: Harrisburg Senators, Tyler Moore bobblehead.

July 6: Potomac Nationals, Dan Haren bobblehead.

July 6: Harrisburg Senators, Bryce Harper pillowcase.

July 7: Potomac Nationals, Stephen Strasburg growth chart.

July 7: Harrisburg Senators, Steve Lombardozzi youth jersey.

July 15: Harrisburg Senators, Stephen Strasburg mini bobblehead.

July 21: Harrisburg Senators, Roger Bernadina mini bobblehead.

July 28: Hagerstown Suns, tin lunch box featuring Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman.

August 3: Potomac Nationals, Roger Bernadina Shark-a-Rine.

August 4: Harrisburg Senators, Drew Storen bobblehead.

August 6: Harrisburg Senators, Danny Espinosa Fathead.

August 11: Potomac Nationals, Tyler Moore bobblehead.

August 16: Potomac Nationals, Danny Espinosa jersey backpack.

August 24: Harrisburg Senators, Tyler Moore jersey backpack.

August 25: Harrisburg Senators, Steve Lombardozzi mini bobblehead.