Robert Griffin III’s next step in his plot toward world domination involved a stop at the Texas Capitol on Tuesday, where he was honored for winning the Heisman Trophy, posed for photos with every person wearing a suit in a five-mile radius, and was hailed as basically the world’s perfect human.


In the Senate, after a congratulatory resolution, he was mobbed by senators. “This is the kind of athlete we would want our sons and daughters to emulate,” said state Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, echoing the sentiments of others.

Added Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, a Baylor grad: “He has done something I would have never thought possible. He has Texans cheering for the Washington Redskins.”

Indeed, it was “the most sustained love blizzard a person from Washington has ever received in Texas,” according to Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder. “Senators keep saying they’re rooting for the Redskins

Griffin also spoke to an AP reporter, and while the first file was brief on quotes, the theme was optimism.

“Robert Griffin III says his surgically repaired right knee is ‘doing good’ and he will be ready to play next season,” the brief story begins.

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